Multiple bar rests

In the first screenshot you can see that at Bar 29 I have two four bar rests I would like to know why this happens and how to change it to an 8 Bar rest.
In one of the other parts you can see that at Letter B we do get an 8 bar rest.
Is it some thing to do with signpost for a time signature of 4/4? All the piece is in 4/4 so I wonder why Dorico inserts these signposts at certain places. I tried to delete this particular one at Bar 32 but it would not delete

Many thanks.

These happen sometimes when you change a barline from the default, just select the signpost and delete it, all should be well…


And if that doesn’t work, try selecting the barline itself and hitting delete. Quite often these signposts show up because someone has added a non-standard barline (such as a repeat barline) then replaced it with a “normal” barline. A normal barline is still different from a default barline, so will show a signpost and split multibar rests. The correct approach for deleting a non-standard barline is to select it and hit delete/backspace.

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Hi piano leo.
Deleting the barline did it. I was surprised that I could do that.
I learn something new everyday about this fantastic programme.

Many thanks to everyone for your help.

Take Care