multiple channels?

i’m using CE5 and i’m also using am’s virtuadrum plugin. when i load up my first channel it works fine, but when i try to load up another channel i can’t get any sound from it. i contacted a.m. any they told me that the plugin is a multichannel device and that i should consult my daw’s documentation. problem is, i can’t find any info on how to use multiple channels in my daw. can ayone help me here?

You are using it on an instrument track, or with the instrument rack. If instrument track, you should indeed check the documentation for restrictions with instrument tracks. And use it with the rack.

how would i go about using it as a rack? sorry for the dumb question, but i’m a midi noob.

how would i go about using it as a rack? sorry for the dumb question, but i’m a midi noob.

It´s not really a MIDI thing but a Cubase workflow thing. And noob or not, you surely can read the manual !? Chapter “VST instruments and Instrument tracks”. Will give you even more insight than me explaining it here. The thing I´m talking about is referred to as “Instrument channels”

Like “thinkingcap” said, read the manual, it explains it explicitly.

An Instrument Track is when you create a track that is dedicated to an instrument. The track and the instrument operate as one, basically. This way you select no “MIDI Channels” to communicate the instrument.

The “VST Instruments” (the rack) you can find under the Device menu. It works sort of like a real life rack, where you mount instruments, just like in real life. In order to use the instrument you create a MIDI Track and select a MIDI Channel. This way, basically, the tracks and instruments are connected via a MIDI cord, just like a real hardware synthesizer would be to Cubase.

If you still don’t get it, please read the manual again.

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Please have a look at this knowledge base articleregarding the VST Rack and the outputs.



Doh! I am so sorry about my stupid post! Obviously I merely skimmed over your post and just assumed (yeah I know, that’s a bad thing :slight_smile: ) that you were talking MIDI. Please forgive an old MIDI goof… Anyways, looks as though Chris (@Steinberg) got you sorted?

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Sweet! Go it going thanks to Chris’ link. Many thanks! :slight_smile: