Multiple Connections possible?

Hey Guys,

i was wondering if i could connect to multiple user at the same time? My scenerio…

  1. I’m in Town 1 and connected to VoiceOver in Town2 via VST Connect.
  2. Additional i want to send my control mix to the client located in town3.
  3. Client should by able to talk to me (town1) and VoiceOver (Town2).

Can i open multiple connection at the same time? For instance Performer at VoiceOvers place and Studio Pass for the client?

Thanks in advance.

PS… i don’t have VST Connect Pro, so i can’t check it out by myself…

Sorry, multiple connections are not supported (neither SE nor PRO).

Why? Is there a special reason for?

It is seldom asked for, takes a lot of work to implement and our resources are limited, sorry.