Multiple cue sends wuth UR824 and Cubase

Hey guys, thinking about getting 2 or 3 UR824’s for the studio. I’m wondering if you can send 4 cue mixes from the UR824 virtual mixer out of the primary UR824, AND 4 extra cue sends from Cubase ‘Control room’ routed out of the secondary UR824, for up to 8 different cues sends.

No, not like that anyway, the limit of four cues is in cubase.

I do realize Cubase has a max of 4 cue sends, but doesn’t the UR824 have independent cue sends as well, regardless of (whatever
DAW you’re using) and what comes out of your DAW? Isn’t the monitor routing out of the UR824 completely independent from
any DAW? Just trying to clarify. Thanks.

If you have two UR824 you will have a total of 16 out channels, but you still have the limitation of 4 cue sends. And using two 824 with Win means you have one as soundcard and the other “just” as 8 in/8 out ADAT, so you can’t control the second 824 at all.