Multiple cutoff control under one midi controller knob

So how to assign Serum cutoff and Pigments cutoff to one midi controller knob so I can control both simultaneously to record automation?
I tried midi track and send but whatever I do the cutoff control only works on selected synth not on both. Not only that but it will not record any cutoff parameter from either synths on midi track.


Enable Record on both tracks.

Actually its a bit more complicated but I finally figured it out. Here is a solution for future reference. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a midi track for Serum with midi send to Pigments track with proper midi channel assigned. I have “Record Enable” for any selected track ON by preference settings.

Then I applied “learn” function for cutoff to CC11 on both synths which is mapped to my fader slider on my midi controller.

This way you can play up to 5 synths in layers and at the same time plus record cutoff or any other automation for all of them. :+1:

Interestingly you can’t bounce this midi track to single audio track after you get midi and automation. Well, I couldn’t find the way. You must export this as audio mixdown first and then import it back to Nuendo.

But yeah problem solved. :sweat_smile:

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