Multiple Electronic Drum Modules and Groove Agent


I have two Yamaha DTX700 drum modules. Today, those modules are connected to a mixer, then connected to my FocusRite 18i20 interface. From the laptop, I’m able to open any DAW, add a new track, select my drums and done!

I would like to start playing with Groove Agent, but I have few questions about best way to make those two drum modules working with Groove Agent.

My questions are:

  • Can I keep the above configuration and run Groove Agent on my PC recognizing all pieces from my drum set?
  • Do I need to connect my drum modules to my laptop using their USB connections instead of using my interface?
  • How does Groove Agent recognize the pads from my drum set?
  • Does Groove Agent support more than one drum module connected to it at the same time?

I’m open to suggestions.


Hi and welcome,

Groove Agent is a common VSTi (Instrument). The pads are driven by MIDI Notes in the Groove Agent. So if you sent the right MIDI Notes, it will be recognised. If your hardware is sending other than default MIDI Notes, you can remap it.

Yes, you can connect multiple MIDI Inputs to Cubase, so more than one drum module connected would work.

Yes, you keep your current setup and extend it by Groove Agent.

You would need to send MIDI data from your hardware to Cubase. So USB connection is needed, if there is no other option (MIDI connection) already.