Multiple Export Using Variables, How to Get Variables Into ID3 Tag (Cubase 11 Pro)?

The multiple export capability is great. My question is how do I get those attributes (e.g., CycleMrkrNm) that I entered in the “Naming Scheme” window to also auto-populate at export the ID3 Tag for each file too? For example, if I use the attribute “CycleMarkrNm” as a variable to name mp3 files in multiple mixdown mode, how do I get that equivalent value into the ID3 Tag so that each new mp3 in that batch has its unique Cycle Marker Name embedded in the Tag?

I found a post that is related to this but it’s 2+ years old and veered off a bit (Variables in MP3 ID3 tags). Is this a known feature request that might come out later or am I just overlooking good capability that is available in 11 Pro?