Multiple flow titles on one page

Hi everyone,

I’ve just entered a small Corelli piece for horn and piano (a Sarabande and Gavotte). I entered the Sarabande as Flow 1 and the Gavotte as Flow 2.

Now it turns out that the horn parts are small enough to fit on one page. So I create a new layout master page called “Multiple”, based on the standard “First” page, shrink the notes frame, add another one and assign the second flow to it. That works perfectly.
master page.png
But how do I get the name of the second flow on the page? I have the standard text frame containing the {@flowTitle@} variable, and of course if I create another one using the same variable name above my second flow, I get the title from the first flow in both text frames. Is there a way to assign a flow to a text frame as well, determining what its variables are referencing? Or am I going about this the wrong way?
parts page.png
Thanks a lot,

Unfortunately you can’t easily do this at the moment using tokens, because the {@flowTitle@} token always evaluates to the first flow on a given page. We will have a better solution for this in future (probably in fact a couple of better solutions – one involving separate frames, like you are doing, and one involving automatically creating the necessary titles inside the music frame) but for now your best bet is to simply type the appropriate title into the requisite text frame manually.

Thanks, that sounds promising.

Based on your comment “separate frames, like you are doing” - could I have put both flows into a single frame, too? In other words, can I remove the automatic page break between flows?

Edit: Never mind, I just found this answer. You’re always on top of your game, Daniel, and you’re up much too late, like me. Get your sleep :slight_smile: