Multiple Flows, Same Instrument

I am trying to put piano music of mine (mostly xml files) in a similar document, and I want it all to be in the single instrument and yet it seems to be in a bunch of slightly different instruments. Any way–or need?–to unify?

Hi Daniel! Maybe you can go to Galley View, and then cut and paste all of the flows into the same instrument. That will make the file “cleaner” but I don’t know if it’s necessary, strictly speaking.

And then split the flows from there?

The flows are fine, but the players/instruments are messy. Did you choose Merge with Existing Players Where Possible when importing the XML? If you haven’t started editing the music, you might want to start over and re-import with that setting.

If you’ve already made edits you don’t want to discard, you can:

  • assign the first Piano instrument to all flows
  • copy the music of each flow into the first Piano and delete the unwanted extra players

(This is what Stephen was saying, but he didn’t mean to paste flows, he meant to paste the music.) This second approach might also be necessary if you have different numbers of staves in different pieces.


Thanks Mark - yes, that’s what I meant!