Multiple flows while writing musical pieces - can they be utilised at the same time?

I am still trying to work out how music works on Dorico - forgive me if I seem a little slow, but there are many things I do not yet understand, and as a beginner these seem to be more of a problem than I expected.

When using flows in a project, is it possible (or even likely) to be using two or more flows at the same time (for example a choir and a musical accompaniment)

How would I change from one flow to another , and does this show on the music displayed ?

You could do that but it’s not the idea and would just be more difficult. No, Flows are just meant to be sections of music - whatever section means for you. A movement, a single line in a workbook, a page or whatever. A flow contains all the music that is played simultaneously. Flows generally are understood to be played linearly (flow 1 → flow2 …), but you don’t have to use them that way.

Thank you - it was as I thought, but was not sure. So a flow encompasses all the music played at that particular time.

When you change from one flow to another, is it rather like starting again - and is this change shown in the music itself (I know a change of key , or time would be obvious in the score, but instrumentation ?) Would it normally take place at the end of a bar, or section, or can it be used to change these things mid flow ?

Flows are definitely distinct, separate chunks of music. They would always be displayed on the score by a strong visual break or “reset.”

If you want the music to continue visually without a strong break, you would want to simply add a system break, or perhaps a coda to create a slight gap.

It sounds like what would suit you best is to have multiple layouts of the same flow. You can have a full score layout that has the choir and accompaniment, and then create additional layouts with just the choral part(s) or the accompaniment alone or with cue-sized choral parts (or even a reduction).

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Thank you Romanos401 - your suggestion answers my questions !

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