Multiple Full-screen Modes

It would be usefull to have the option of choosing on which monitors will have my project window or mixConsole in full screen mode.
It’s easy if you got two, but for three or more the full screen is not working so you have to manually resize the window to fit the monitors.

I am using three monitors, one big 50" on my wall and two smaller 21" on my desk and I am finding myself switching between having my project window on my desk or my wall depending on what I need to do , like editing, mixing, recording, etc.

In older Cubase versions, i.e. 7, you could right click on mixConsole and choose full-screen mode and on which monitor you wanted to be.
In newer versions this option is gone.

Workspaces can manage the customized view as noted by ‘Raino’

I’m using 4 monitors. They are all the same dimensions now but didn’t used to be mixed sizes. The only way to really get them under control is to use Workspaces. It took me several attempts to sort out the layouts that suited me best in actual use - as compared to what I thought should work best.

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Oh, I see! This is making my life easier! Missed this one :slight_smile:
I guess this is the reason that the “fullscreen option” is gone.
I quickly tried that and works like a charm, exactly what I need.
Thank you so much

As I recall the full-screen capability was a workaround to the limitations caused by the Cubase Desktop. It used to be you had to resize the main Cubase Window across multiple monitors because all the other Windows like the Key Editor had to open within the main Window. At some point the various Windows became independent from each other and that’s about when the full-screen went away too.

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Yes I remember doing that to fit my whole windows inside the main.