Multiple FX Channel use = Gain

Hey guys,

How can I set up my FX Channels so when I apply multiple sends FX (Comp, Delay, Verb, Maximization, Overdirve, etc) to tracks in my mix, you can only hear the FX & no extra gain?

I am using a chain of FX Channels to lighten the load on my CPU. Instead of using inserts on every channel I have created the following setup:

Send FX Channels:
Vox Compression
Inst Comp
Vox Verb
Inst Verb
Vox Delay
Inst Delay
Group Channels with Compression only:
Lead Vox

This combination of send fx is creating a weird amount of Gain all over the mix.
Please can someone explain what’s going on and how I can fix this so all I hear when I turn up a send fx (in the “Sends” channel dialogue), is the fx its-self & no extra gain?

It’s unusual to use compression on a FX send/

Other FX like reverbs and delays should be set to 100% wet.