Multiple headphones in control room

I have 2 sets of monitors and my audio interface has 2 sets of headphone outputs. So far I’ve figured out how to configure the 2 sets of monitors in the control room. I added my first set of headphones which has a correction vst that I added to the headphone control room setup so it only affects the headphone output. Now the question is how do I get my second headphone output setup in the headphone section. The second headphone output won’t use the headphone correction vst as I’ll have different headphones on that output that I don’t have correction software for. But it seem that in the vst connections it won’t let me add another set of headphones? Do I have to cheat and do something like a cue and send the main mix to the new cue which goes to the second headphone output?

Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question as I’m still trying to get my head around the control room. But I have it working well for my two sets of mains and the first headphone output. Its the second headphone output that’s a problem. I’m using all of these for references during mixing and don’t any live recording.

Thanks for any ideas.

Obviously it does not. To be sure, delete the one phones channel you have already, and add it once again. In the “add channel” popup what does it say in parenthesis behind “Phones channel” ?

Yes, that’s exactly what you have to do. There is only one dedicated ‘Headphone’ output in Control Room but you can have up to 4 Cue outputs that can be routed to 4 further sets of headphones if you wish.

The dedicated Headphone output is geared more for the engineer IMHO.
What was traditionally called the headphone mixes (For the tracking talent) is called Cue mix in the Steinberg control room set up.
There are four of them


Hi, exactly what Hippo said.

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You could just add another monitor and connect it to a headphone out. Disadvantage is you have no sound in speakers while using it.