Multiple HUI controllers in CUBASE doesn't work!

So I just purchased a 24 channel HUI based control surface called fadermate. It uses HUI protocol in banks of 8. For some reason when I configure multiple HUI controllers in Cubase it doesnt give you control of all 24 channels. It just stacks them. So channel controls faders 1,9,17 etc. Every other DAW will magically assign them correctly if you add more than one HUI. This is obviously a BUG and should be treated as such. I see zero logic in the way this works currently.


Do you have 3 HUI devices in the Studio Setup? Maybe I would use the Mackie HUI for the master and Baby HUI for the other 2 units.

Does the device support Mackie Control, or just HUI, please? I’m 100% it works with Mackie Control.