Multiple I/Os with External Gear plugin

Hi all, need something clarified please.

The External Gear plugin can only be used once per Master Section effect chain, right? You can specify up to 8 I/Os but they all get summed on the way back into the chain?

I have a 2x stereo analog hardware units and 1x stereo digital hardware unit. The interface I use is a Lynx Hilo which has 2 analog I/Os and a few digital I/O. Currently I run the hardware linearly, but I would like to be able to use the analog units using the analog I/Os and the digital unit using the digital I/O. Crucially, I’d like to be able to use the analog units at a different point in the Master Section to the digital unit. That would mean using 2 External Gear plugins but Wavelab doesn’t like this idea and tells me no.

Am I missing something? If this isn’t possible in WL7 is it possible in WL8?

Thanks in advance

Not possible in 7 and 8. There is a single i/o point available for the Master Section.

Thanks Phillipe. Is this something that’s planned for a future release?

Maybe a second i/o point, but not at the top priority list.

I’m trying to configure a similar set up, are you currently using a Mac or PC?

PC, but as Phillipe has already stated a second I/O point in the master section is not supported right now :frowning: