multiple inst: hide instrument name?

Can we hide instrument name in this case:
without to delete the name in the edit Name
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Yes you can - that’s known as an “instrument change label” and automatically appears when a player holds multiple instruments and switches from one to the other (so it’s clear which instrument they should play). There’s a layout option for additionally hiding/showing these labels at the start of every flow, because other than showing a staff label on the first system, it can be very ambiguous as to which instrument the player starts with!

Thanks Lillie,
It only remove the first instrument name (Samp. in my exemple) not the second (Piano)
It’s for educational purpose so I don’t need instrument names and the instrument “Samp.” is only for using it as click
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In that case, you could disallow instrument changes and hide empty staves? Or give the two instruments to separate players but assign both to this layout, and hide empty staves? Plenty of options.