Multiple Instrument Tracks - How?

Hi All,

I just migrated over to Cubase 6.5 on a PC after 20 years of using Creator/Notator/Logic on Mac. (Well, first on an Atari and then on a Mac for 15 years.)

I’m still getting up to speed on Cubase. One thing that has me perplexed is how to route multiple parts on different tracks to the same plugin on an Instrument Track (and not a MIDI track). Consider the following example:

Kick & Snare from Battery on Track 1
Hi Hats from Battery (same kit) on Track 2
Percussion from Battery (same kit) on Track 3

Whenever I duplicate the Battery Instrument Track (so as to use the same instance of the plugin/same kit,) Cubase creates an entirely new Instrument Track with a new instance of Battery. So if I tweak the kit on Track 1, this isn’t reflected in the separate instances used on tracks 2 and 3.

I could of course instantiate Battery in the VST Instruments window/device and then route multiple internal MIDI tracks to that Battery instance/device. But then I don’t get the benefits of Instrument Tracks.

Logic has a feature to “Create new track using same channel strip/instrument” that just creates a new track using the same instance of the plugin. That’s the feature I’m looking for.

Does anyone know how to do this in Cubase. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Load your battery via F11 the VSTinstruments rack.

Thanks for the tip. But that’s what I am trying to avoid doing. If I use the VST Instruments rack, then I can’t access the audio fader in the Inspector for the plugin. I have to go into the Mixer and adjust levels, and inserts, etc.

I can’t believe there isn’t a way to copy an Instrument Track and have this new track reference the same instance of the plug-in. Using MIDI Tracks to do this is so 1998!


As i know isntrumenttracks are just one miditrack corresponding to this instrument.

But if i load battery via F11 i can acess the canalaudiofaed for batterys aminout in the inspector.(if my project window is maxed/ ifn not the audiofader is cut in the middle)

Greetz Bassbase

Ah, I figured it out. I just have to click on the actual plug-in “drop down” in the inspector to access the audio fader, etc. for the VST Instrument device that the MIDI track is addressing. Doh! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.