Multiple Instruments from part

Hello, I’m new to the forum and use Dorico for around a year now. I really like it, and I came from Sibelius because I don’t like their subscription model. I think Dorico does a lot of things better but I miss one feature that holds me back to Sibelius for most of my production work.

I often write music for small ensembles, say a brass Quartett, but need to be able to print the parts for a variety of instruments, E.g. part 3 for German Tenorhorn (treble clef, written in Bb) and Baritone Horn (bass clef, written in C); or part 4 for tuba and 8va for trombone.
Sibelius has this really handy feature to “copy part and change instrument” that allows to generate all parts from only four staves in tge score.
In Dorico, what comes close is disabling transposition in Bb instruments to get a C part, but this is not suitable for all necessary parts. I know that I can have extra parts and hide them in the conductor score, but copying the music manually is prone to errors with later changes and just is not as comfortable as it could be.

Any tips would be very appreciated, and I would be really happy to see this feature in future versions of Dorico.

Best regards!

This has been discussed earlier, e.g. here.
I would welcome this feature as well.

It is definitely planned, but I’m afraid it will not be included in the next update. I hope we will be able to prioritise it soon.

Good to know, thanks, Daniel.