Multiple instruments on the one track ?? Artist 7

I have Cubase 7 Artist and since I am limited to 32 tracks I need to be able to load many instruments on the one instrument track using different channels. For instance
If I have a Violin instrument track using my east west play library on that one track I need to add staccato on channel 1 legato on channel 2 tremolo on channel 3 etc. Can this be done with Artist
and how do I do it because I cannot figure out why it will not work.

Thank you kindly

EW play is multi-timbral like HALion so one MIDI channel equates to one track in Cubase (midi track). I believe that Cubase Artists allows for 32 VST instrument slots so you can run several tracks out of one Play VST instrument slot.

Example, I use MOR2 and The Dark Side Play libraries for drums, I’ll have 2 MOR2 instances running 10 midi tracks in Cubase. Each having its own thing (channels 1-2 bass drum, 3-4, snare, etc…). Same channel numbers but coming from two different Play instances into two different MIDI tracks. I’ll throw another Play VST into the project using 3 or 4 more tracks for FX from The Dark Side.

So there is around 14 tracks with but only using up 3 of the 32 VSTi slots. You can do more tracks per Play VSTi, I think I can run up to 16? with the libraries I use? I split them up to keep things organized, I could run them all out of one Play VSTi if I wanted too.

If you are talking about more than one MIDI track into an Audio track, then you need to look into using Group tracks.

Hope this helps