Multiple issues installing on Mac

I’ve tried to install after activating a trail and I’ve had nothing but issues, which I’ll list below:

Steinberg Download Assistant -
When I load it says
“Failed to update the following components:
Steinberg Install Assistant.
This can limit the functionality of the Steinberg Download Assistant”

Inside here under ‘my product downloads’ is Dorico Pro 5, with EVERY application I’ve installed (which is many many GBs of data so far) it says
“The Installation cannot be started:
Please check the download directory specified for this product or download the product again”

the download directory seems correct? It doesn’t specify where it SHOULD be.

Anyway, I can see all of the files have downloaded, so I activate the DMG and install each application onto my system anyway.

I try to open Dorico after activating it on the Steinberg Activation Manager and get this message.

"An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and install the following

HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content
Indian Drum Basics
Groove Agent SE 5 - Content
Olympus Choir Micro
Iconica Sketch
HALion Symphonic Orchestra"

however I’ve already run the Steinberg Download Assistant, which won’t let me install anything anyway, even though it is installed.

Library manager is blank without any sort of direction on how to load the libraries.

Honestly this whole process is a mess, it has taken me all morning, and can’t find any help on what has gone wrong, resorting me to come here before even seeing a single bit of manuscript. It’s not a great start.

The Steinberg installer apps do seem to have problems on some systems, relating to permissions for writing in the necessary folders.

I was able to fix it with the following Terminal command:

sudo chgrp -R staff /Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Content/*

Then install those components again.

Great I’ll give this a try when I can and provide an update… Thanks very much!

OK so I did what you said - it seems now that a few things are installing correctly, except the applications (Dorico application installer, HALion Sonic - Instrument and Groove Agent SE 5 - Instrument) still don’t install via the download assistant and provides the same error message that I highlighted in the original post…

Solved it, seems the issue lied with the very first error

i downloaded the installation manager using a link instead, which I can’t post here… anyway that prompted all the other licensing applications to update which I’m assuming then associated it with my account? either way, I’m keen to get started!

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Really sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience getting Dorico installed, @Darris. As you discovered, if Steinberg Install Assistant itself isn’t working, then Steinberg Download Assistant isn’t able to run any of the downloaded installers. This particular problem is not, to my knowledge, commonly reported, so I don’t know why SIA might have had problems on your system. In any case, I hope you find things are smoother from this point.