Multiple issues when running Nuendo as administrator

I’m using an avid HD omni interface with Nuendo and the only way I’ve found to get the sample rate on the omni to match the sample rate in Nuendo is to run Nuendo as administrator. Unfortunately running Nuendo as administrator has created a couple of new problems for me.

The first problem is that I have all of my sound effects on a network drive and it doesn’t show up when running Nuendo as administrator. It shows up fine when launching normally.

The second problem is that I’m using a kensington expert trackball and my custom buttons don’t work when running Nuendo as administrator. The buttons do work when launching normally.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix these issues or how I can get my omni set to the correct sample rate without running as administrator.

Nuendo 11, Windows 10, Avid HD drivers 18.4

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You need to set permissions for that network drive to include the administrator.
You need to reinstall your trackball software while in the administrator account.

That should sort this out.

This probably means that your user account does not have the necessary permissions to do hardware level changes to the Omni interface.

Usually, I run all my computers with one master account, with all privileges. It eliminates this sort of problems between user accounts vis a vis levels of access / permissions / et al. If you have an IT person or computer administrator, I recommend you let them know about best practices for your particular setup.


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I’m working out of my home studio on a computer which only has one account which is the administrator account. I installed my trackball software using this account and the network drive definitely includes permissions for that account as well.

In this case, I do know some software allows you to install different levels of permissions, via “install for all users of this computer” or similar language.

Try to reinstall any software that is giving you issues, including Nuendo, and make sure you install “for all users” or whatever pops up when you are running the installer.

For that network drive, you just probably need to remove any permissions or security levels, if it is on your private network. You should not need to reformat it.


btw, fyi, Steinberg software since a couple years is installed for “All Users”

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This is a problem from Nuendo 6. You can’t use the administrator