Multiple lanes with sustain but only the first one works!

Hello fellow Cubase 10 users,

I’m recording a piano VST and I made a second and third lane (each one with sustain data) but when I play it back only the first lane’s sustain data is used…I hear all the other data like notes etc. but that’s it…any idea why this is???

Much appreciative of any assistance,



Do you mean the track lanes? Are you sure the 2nd and other lanes are not muted?

Just to be sure, could you attach a screenshot, please?

Yea the track lanes each have sustain data but will only USE the data from the first lane…the second lane’s sustain data is ignored…

I’m sure the second lane isn’t muted because I hear the notes…but they aren’t sustained properly (It uses the sustain data from the first lane for the second lane’s notes).

Can anyone else verify this? (Seems like an error to me…)



OK, now I probably understand it.

The Sustain data is merged. So for both lanes, you use the Sustain of both lanes. You cannot hear the Sustain of the 2nd lane on the 2nd lane Notes only.

If you want to separate it this way, use different MIDI channel for the data of the 2nd lane. So make a new track with other MIDI Channel.