Multiple Layouts, multiple lyric sizes

Hello all,
I have a bit of a problem. I have a piece for which I created two layouts. The problem I’m having is that each layout is on different size paper. As a result, the larger layout can accommodate larger lyrics for easier eligibility. The smaller layout cannot. When I am in the larger layout in engraving options, I can change the lyrics size to taste. This then changes the smaller layout which cannot accommodate the larger text size. I was thinking that the layouts had different settings but it seems they do not (in hindsight it makes sense) but now I don’t know how to divorce the settings of the two layouts short of two separate files. I think I’m just having a brain fart.

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In fact you cannot use a different text size relative to the same staff size between two different layouts at the moment, I’m afraid: font styles are global to the document and hence will appear using the same size relative to the staff size in all layouts.

But perhaps you could use a slightly larger staff size for the layout that uses larger paper, and that might look acceptable?