Multiple "Mackie Control" controllers

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I’m have a little trouble and I tried looking around for the answer but have came up short. I currently have Cubase 13/Icon V1-M controller/M-Audio Oxygen pro 61 controller. Both of my controllers require Mackie Control Protocol. Whenever I connect both, my V1-M loses its first 8 channels and I can only control them from my M-audio’s faders. Is there a way to have them both connected at the same time, be able to use both to the full capacity without having to sacrifice something or another. Again, I have tried looking around and have yet to find a straight forward answer. Thanks in advance for all of you guy’s help!


If you are using 2 Mackie Control Devices, they work together, so you get 16 channels. This is, how the Mackie Control protocol is specified. You can set it up the other way around… If you set the bottom (in the Studio Setup in Cubase) Mackie Control Inputs and Outputs to the Icon and the top one to M-Audio, you should always control the Channels 1-8 by Icon. And if you switch Oxygen on, you will control channels 9-16 by Oxygen.

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah I think I’m just gonna use it how it is with its limitations while creating, then disable it when I start to mix more in-depth.

Thanks again!


If you have a proper Mackie-like devices with motor faders, it doesn’t make much sense to use Oxygen for the same task. In this case I would use Icon as DAW controller (Mackie) and Oxygen as basic MIDI controller (with the Focus Quick Control option).

It makes perfect sense to. My reasoning is because my keyboard controller is not immediately next to my icon controller and I also have another computer monitor in front of my oxygen. instead of rolling back and forth between the two every time I want to mute/solo/record/change volume levels, why wouldn’t I want the controller to do exactly what its capable of doing all from the keyboard with its Mackie Control protocol? Seems like I will just have to use it how it is, and/or remap everything for myself on the oxygen so I don’t have to use Mackie protocol.


I see. Then use Oxygen with the MIDI Remote instead of Mackie Control protocol.

There is a Mackie Control MIDI Remote version available.

Dude, This is exactly what I have been looking for. I had no idea that there was scripts written that I’m able to use separately from there regular Mackie protocol. Followed all the links/downloaded and now it works just as I wanted it to.

Thank you for all of your help!

now I just gotta figure out over time how to write/rewrite something else so my Icon V1-M can show colors/master out LED/second display screen. Its not even a necessity, I just would like to have those things

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Could I know what link you followed? I’m interested to do the same for TouchDaw app (witch uses Mackie protocol that interferes with my Icon Pro X and XS) on an old tablet.

Of course, go to this website:

Read and scroll down to setup, everything will be explained there

Thank you!