Multiple mappings for the same midi remote controller

Is it possible to create a second instance for the same MIDI controller on the MIDI remote tab? When I try to add another instance for the controller I notice that it no longer appears in the drop down for available input and output midi ports. I’d like to have a second instance with different mappings.

Hi, if this is for the same physical controller you can set up mapping pages ad lib in cubase. THese allow multiple assignments of the controller elements.

Let me clarify. The first time I set up the controller everything went fine and everything functions.

However, even though the controller is listed and active in the midi port list, as shown below . . .

. . . when I try to add a 2nd instance of the same controller, now the midi port does not show up, as seen below:

This makes me wonder if it is not possible to add a 2nd instance of the same controller. It’s not a deal breaker, but I would like to have an alternate instance with different mappings so I can use the faders for the quick controls instead of the rotary knobs. Does anyone know the answer to this?

I think you answered the question yourself. You can only have one mapping per port.
The way to get around that limitation is to use Pages.

Thanks for the reply. What are pages and how do I use them?

Thanks. That was helpful.
I’ve included some graphics below for other people that come along that may have the same question. First step is to “add midi controller surface”. Then open the mapping assistant and look at my graphics below:

then you’ll be prompted to pick a name for the new page:


which I filled in like this:


A drop down menu lists all the mapped pages associated with this controller:

By the way, for those with a Behringer BCF2000 you should know that different cubase functions require different toggle settings if you plan to use the buttons. For example, transport controls, mute, and solo. It is not super easy to figure out how to change the toggle action settings if you read the BCF2000 manual. If someone is interested in an explanation let me know and I’ll post a step by step guide with photos.

Here is my default map for the BCF2000. I’ve got 43 functions mapped. There is one missing due to a push controller that went bad.


Would you be kind to share your BCF-2000 script for closer inspection?
I have one, but I haven´t found time to mess around with the new midi remote feature.

Sure, happy to do that . . . .if I can figure out how. Please report back if it doesn’t import successfully. So let me get on that. I will also do a pdf that says what the functions are.

FYI, as you know the top row on a BCF2000 is rotary knobs, but if you push down on them they are like a button. So on my graphic above the top row shows the functions for the pushbutton part of the rotary knobs. And the four transport buttons at the bottom right are the four buttons on the bottom right of the BCF2000. There are 10 other buttons at the right side of the BCF2000, but those are not programmable, I think. Those are things like saving and selecting presets.

And like I said in an earlier post you’ll need to change the toggle function settings for certain buttons. Once you do that be sure to store that in your preset or else the settings will all disappear the next time you turn off the BCF2000. You’ll know if a button needs the toggle setting changed because you’ll go insane with frustration and think there is something wrong with the hardware or software. But it’s just a setting.

One other thing: this MIDI controller mapping feature in Cubase 12 is really fantastic. I think they knocked the ball out of the park with this one.

Per your request I have uploaded the BCF2000 controller mapping script. I have also included a pdf document that shows which functions are mapped to which buttons, knobs, and sliders.

john behringer_BCF2000-user.midiremote (6.9 KB)
behringer-BCF2000-cubase12-mapping.pdf (20.4 KB)

Don’t forget that you’ll have to look at each of the buttons and make sure you set the toggle function correctly on the BCF2000 and save the settings. I can guarantee you that at least several of them are not set correctly right now.

Please let me know whether the script imports and works correctly. Inquiring minds want to know . . .

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I have provided an alternate script and pdf graphic illustration below for the Behringer BCF2000 MIDI controller. This version is more useful, I think. This version has not only record enable, but also record. The right two buttons are undo and redo. The top left buttons are “return to start position” and “go to project start”.

behringer-BCF2000-may20-2022.midiremote (7.4 KB)

bcf2000-may20-2022.pdf (19.4 KB)


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