Multiple mic edition/restoration in ARA mode in Cubase

I’ve been using Spectralayers for a while now, occassionally, and have been quite happy with it. Great for quick unmixing if a client sends me a video with VO and music/sound design mixed in, instead of separated. Good for fixing noises from simple mono or stereo recordings, like guitars, vocals.

However, I’ve recently been mixing live strings and brass, which proved to be a challenge for Spectralayers.

What I mean is editing multiple synced mics at once. Like removing noise, where a musician hits the music stand with a bow or the conductor hits the stand with a baton/pencil.

If your strings are 20 tracks, you basically have to go one by one in the Spectralayers editor, instead of just selecting all layers and editing as one. You can show them all together, but not edit together.

Am I missing something, or is that a feature request? Cheers!
Spectralayers 11. Windows 11. Cubase 13 :wink:

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I agree. As long as new data sets are created for each individual instruments then this will continue to be a never-ending feature request. I remember when the unmixing feature was implemented and users started requesting guitars to be added, then it was multiple voices, then it was strings… I can only imagine future requests to be wind instruments, then synths, then plucks, then birds, then arpeggiated synths, then seagulls.

I have been adamant that this approach (creating data sets for every type of scenario) isn’t the correct way to deal with this. Hopefully the developer takes initiative and comes up with a solution that kills two birds with one stone and solves multiple problems at once. That way when someone working on a wild life animal documentary for netflix requests for a bird tweet to be unmixed, the developer wouldn’t have to scramble around(R&D) to look for bird data sets to implement into Spectralayers.

The correct way to do this is by source (because in the digital domain each sound is defined by source).

Thanks for chiming in.

Yeah, I’m fine manually locating, selecting unwanted sounds and using Spectralayer tools to remove them, instead of having big data sets that would automatically find certain types of noise and remove them as a module or something.

Just please allow me to do it manually on a selected group of events. Especially, that I can already have them in the Spectralayers window as “layers”, and I can process them one by one. On 20+ tracks, that’s kinda tedious, while it could be a click or two, once it’s all selected.


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