Multiple midi controller sound problem

I have two midi controllers connected via USB to Cubase 8.5. One keyboard is an Aleses 88 key and the other a 49 key. Sounds on the 88 key are perfect and reflect the quality of sounds (I.e. New York Concert Grand on Kontakt). But when I play the same patch on the 49 key Aleses, it sounds harsh, too loud and does NOT sound like the New York Grand.
What can I do to solve this issue? Is there an adjustment I can make on th 49 key keyboard?


There could a settings of the Velocity Curve on your Alesis 49 keyboard. Please, read the Operation Manual if your HW device.

Actually, the velocity / sensitivity on the Q61 keyboard does not work. How do I fix?

From the manual:
VELOCITY – Press this key to set the DATA ENTRY SLIDER to adjust the note velocity. Increasing this value increases the MIDI velocity value generated by a light key press.

If that does not work then it’s broken.