Multiple midi converters connected


I have Cubase 5 on my Windows XP PC. I use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 for soundcard. The Pro 40 has only 1 midi in. This is not sufficient for me. So I decided to connect an Edirol UM-3ex midi usb converter which gives me 3 midi in’s and 3 midi out’s. In Cubase I can see that all the midi in connections (The single midi in from the Saffire Pro 40 and the 3 midi in’s from the UM-3ex) are recognized. I also see that both my piano and my midi-guitar signals are received by the UM-3ex. But they are not received by Cubase. The midi in from the Focusrite however is received by Cubase and is working fine.
My question is: could this work at all, or is it normal that in this occasion only one midi device is giving priority by either the PC or by Cubase?
Perhaps if I want to create more midi in’s I need to work with an oldfashioned midi merger in front of the Focusrite’s midi in?
Or do I have to disable the midi in of the Focusrite within Cubase, in order to give priority to the UM-3ex.

If anybody has good advice for me, it will be very welcome!


Hi everybody,

I’ve solved this issue. Afterall it was simple.
Thank you for your attention.