Multiple Midi devices (UM3EX + Raydat midi)

Is it possible to use multiple midi devices?
I currently have the Roland UM-3EX with 3 ins/outs.
I just got the RME Raydat which also has midi in/out.

The UM-3EX is all used up with 3 external synths.
I want to use the Raydat midi with a digital console
for a generic remote setup.

I can already see the Raydat midi ports in the device setup page
but I have them deactivated. The fact that I can see them
would seem to indicate that this is possible.

Is this just asking for problems or will this work without issues.
Anyone using multiple midi devices in a similar fashion without problems?

Thanks for your time.

No problem using multiple midi interfaces.

Only prob I’ve had with different midi devices is their performance. For example I found that when I plugged in a firewire M-Audio Profire it introduced a really long delay in chasing midi program changes, whereas my Midex8 seemed to have no delay but didn’t always chase correctly… So you may find some interfaces are better than others, but otherwise, as said, they all cooperate together. I currently use 3 different midi interfaces to connect to hardware synths plus 2 USB midi external hardware synths and 1 USB midi keyboard controller.


Yes the same here , I run a midex 8 and motu midi express and also use the midi ports on the back of the novation sl mk2 without and issue , they all run beautifully together :wink:

That is great news!
Thanks for your time…all of you.

Hi, I also use multiple midi Interfaces: RME Raydat, Novation SL (SL 61 and Zero MK2 !), Yamaha Motif XF via Firewire (!), Presonus Digimax FS.

There are NOT issues with multiple Midi_interfaces. (It is also possible to Switch Audio Drivers - RME/Motif XF/Presonus - and still use all midi Interfaces in parallel)

Cheers, Ernst

Got it working and started programming my generic remote last night.

Thanks again to everyone.