Multiple Midi-Inputs per track

I like the idea of having more than just one midi-input on a track.
f.e. I use DIVISIMATE and a couple of other midi devices. I bundle most of them via BOME MIDI TRANSLATOR PRO but it would be easier to manage it in Cubase itself.

So I miss the option to activate multiple different midi inputs for each track


…and all midi inputs is not granular enough?

Are you talking about MIDI inputs or outputs?
You can choose ALL MIDI Inputs as inputs!

f.e. I need this seperation:
Track 1 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 2
Track 2 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 3
Track 3 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 4

yeah, I hear you, It would be nice to have more midi input port control.

I know exactly what the OP is talking about. +1

I have 5 keyboards/controllers all with MIDI out going into MIDI Patchbay and into Cubase.

Sometimes I like to have my 88 Key keyboard and my 4x4 Drumpads to be controlling Groove Agent… I use the 88 to browse all sounds, and the 4x4 pads for performance.

The only way to do that, is to turn on ‘All MIDI Inputs’ but the problem with that, is that now the other 3 controllers are also triggering when I or someone else in the studio is also writing synth lines and wanting to work quickly between both.

My wish would be that the MIDI input selection menu becomes a checkbox selector menu so the user can pick multiple, or select ‘All’ which selects all boxes. Perhaps, a modifier could be used like Alt to exclusive select one input and uncheck others.

I know this seems like minor details… but…please Steinberg!

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+1 on this feature request.

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100% agree on this. Have a main sequencer driving one track but I need another one for fills/layering.

Have not tried this, but can you not have a first MIDI track accepting input from first MIDI source, and have a second MIDI track accepting input from the second, and finally have a MIDI send from the second track to the first?

@dmbaer: you certainly do not want to install this on a 700+ track template :wink:

this is pretty tedious too, isnt it?

yes - you forget that you have to add additional 700 midi tracks and change 700 current inputs on the old midi tracks. Also it’s not that prtactical since you also have to copy all NOTES and QUICKCONTROLS from the original midi track to the new midi track…well - I better stick with the feature request to make multiple midi inputs available :wink: