Multiple Midi-Inputs per track

I like the idea of having more than just one midi-input on a track.
f.e. I use DIVISIMATE and a couple of other midi devices. I bundle most of them via BOME MIDI TRANSLATOR PRO but it would be easier to manage it in Cubase itself.

So I miss the option to activate multiple different midi inputs for each track

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…and all midi inputs is not granular enough?

Are you talking about MIDI inputs or outputs?
You can choose ALL MIDI Inputs as inputs!

f.e. I need this seperation:
Track 1 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 2
Track 2 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 3
Track 3 > Midi-Inputs: Device 1, Device 4

yeah, I hear you, It would be nice to have more midi input port control.