Multiple MIDI tracks all being triggered by MIDI Blutooth controller

I have 2 MIDI tracks (iWavestation and iM1). Whenever I select either of the tracks and play my keyboard controller which is connected via Bluetooth (Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Interface) both the iWavestation and the iM1 sound at the same time. I can’t get them to play only the one sound for that track (iWavestation or iM1). I have tried all the MIDI Routing possibilities and either I get no sound triggered or both synths but not the single sound I am wanting.

What am I missing here? I know there has got to be a simple solution.

Thank you in advance.

James (RooneyTunes).

I think I am on to what is causing the issue here. Both iWavestation and iM1 are Bluetooth aware and my MIDI controller is sending MIDI Bluetooth to the IPad Pro. Both tracks with the iWavestation and iM1 are picking up the Bluetooth MIDI simultaneously no matter what track I am selecting. I have tried turning each of the respective synths Bluetooth connections but then nothing is being triggered in Cubasis. I thought the Cubasis, with it’s Bluetooth connectivity would send the MIDI to the respective track that is currently selected, but that does not seem to be working either. I will continue to test this. All other tracks that are using the Cubassis built in instruments all work great and trigger individually when I select those tracks.

Any help clarifying would be great or anything that I may be missing would be great.