MULTIPLE MONITORS Workspace Problem in CUBASE PRO 10.5


I use 4 monitors for Cubase Pro Windows 10 (32" x 2 / 43" / 24" with their respective resolutions)
i put the Mix Console 3 on my 43" monitor and i create a workspace N*2.
But everytime i switch back to that workspace, My Mix Console 3 is automatically replaced on my main monitor.
I f i put the Mix console 3 on my second 32" or my 24" and create a workspace, everything works as intended when i switch back to that workspace.
Any Idea ?


I9 9900K @5Ghz/ Gigabyte Z390 designare / NVIDIA 1660Ti MSI 6 Go/ 32 Go DDR4 3200 / Windows 10 Pro /UAD Apollo Quad Silver thunderbolt 3

I had a similar problem with just two monitors. I had to fiddle with the monitor alignment in the system Displays settings. Since my main monitor is slightly larger than my second one, if it’s not perfectly aligned, with a little space above the mixconsole on the second (that was, mysteriously, the key to getting it to work), Cubase acts like it can’t slide it over and just bunches it up under the Project window on the main screen. Don’t remember what version this started, but it never used to be this finicky.

This is unfortunately a known bug. I solved it by moving the cubase main window to the other screen.

@ulesto Thanks for the tip but it didn’t work
I found an enigmatic solution :
if i maximise the window on the big screen it loses its place when i come back to this workplace,
but if i manually resize the window to the maximum possible, it works

Steinberg moves in mysterious ways. Glad you got it worked out. :slight_smile: