Multiple mono tracks to stero group?

Im sure Im missing something very simple here but I cant figure this out (d’oh)…

I have Cubase 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 (and a UR 824) on my Win 10 machine & the issue is the same irrespective of which version I use so Im sure Im just being dumb.

Lets say I have 4 mono guitar tracks recorded. I like to buss my guitars together into a single Group track for processing, to save CPU and avoid processing each of the 4 separately. So, I set the panning on each of the 4 tracks the way I want it (Hard L, Hard R & then two others closer to centre) and I create a group track (Stereo?) to route these 4 tracks to. When I do that and monitor the Group track, I lose the panning setup I set for the 4 individual tracks. What am I doing wrong, should the Group track be Stereo or Mono? Should it be inside our outside the folder (or that doesn’t matter)?

If I dont buss the 4 tracks to a Group channel I can of course achieve the desired effect, but I need to process them all separately, wasting CPU.

Appreciate the guidance!


Do you route it to the Group from the outputs of the Guitar tracks or via Send? If you do it via Send, you can setup different Send Pan (so you have an Out Pan and Send Pan). In this case make sure the Send Pan is linked with the Channel Pan. If you route it from the Output to the Group, you shouldn’t get this issue.

Group Channel should be stereo in your case.

Obviously it should be stereo.

That would first of all depend on the used Cubase version.

Select the four tracks, right click and then Create Group (use Stereo) from Selected Channels.

Inside vs. Outside Folder:
If you want the Group right next to the tracks, use “outside folder;” if you want the Group Channel to appear in the Group Tracks Folder, then use “inside folder.”

If you have a track sounding right with effects, you can render it or freeze it to save CPU.

Thanks Martin - this solved it for me. I hadnt been using the send approach - switching to that solved it for me. Much appreciated & greetings from Ireland!