Multiple music fonts in one score?

This may sound a bit crazy, but is there any way to use multiple music fonts in one score?

I’m working on a composition where it could be interesting to use different fonts (jazz, baroque, contemporary classical) to give some indication of where the musical material is growing from. This could apply mostly to noteheads and stems - and of course changing text fonts would be relatively easy.

You could certainly create a load of Noteheads and Notehead Sets using glyphs from other fonts, and then apply them as required. You could also create Playing Techniques similarly.

Noteheads all look pretty much the same, stems all look the same and are unchangeable. What about flags and rests? Changing them would help a lot but I’m not sure you can mix them up.

If you’re writing for real musicians to perform, you’d be better off labeling each section with the desired style. “Medium Basie Swing” or “alla Mozart” mean more to a musician than different font symbols which might be construed as a printing error.