Multiple Nuendo processes staying live after closing

I look under task manager at processes after closing Nuendo and I find as many instances as I’ve opened since booting – all still taking up resources.
Any knowledge on this?

It happens on Windows 7 but apparently not on Windows 10. Its a known issue and nobody has had anything to say about it from Steinberg.

By the way it would be a good idea to populate your system specs in your signature. Helps us to help each other when we know what I specific year you are working with.

The workaround is to end the Nuendo process in Task Manager after you close the app. A slight pain in the butt, but easy enough to do.

Hi, Geta! Thank you. I am putting off Win10 so horribly lately. It’s done, but I’m busy with projects (mainly Cakewalk and Sequoia) that I don’t want to bump the table, so to speak.

Thank you very much for responding. Very much appreciated.

Happy to help.