Multiple output rerouting causes output bus to disappear


is this already a known/reported issue (windows 10 cubase pro 11.0.41/448)

  • open F4 audio connections → outputs
  • have two output busses
  • close and open a mix console
  • select a bunch of tracks and accidentally include output bus 1
  • alt-shift click output routing and set it to output bus 1
  • go back to F4 audio connections → outputs
  • output bus 1 is gone
  • it’s still in the list in mixconsole / output routing

→ save project and exit cubase

  • come back and load again
  • busses are back in F4 audio connections but not connected and don’t react to any changes. can delete them though


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

thanks martin :blue_heart: