Multiple output rerouting causes output bus to disappear


is this already a known/reported issue (windows 10 cubase pro 11.0.41/448)

  • open F4 audio connections → outputs
  • have two output busses
  • close and open a mix console
  • select a bunch of tracks and accidentally include output bus 1
  • alt-shift click output routing and set it to output bus 1
  • go back to F4 audio connections → outputs
  • output bus 1 is gone
  • it’s still in the list in mixconsole / output routing

→ save project and exit cubase

  • come back and load again
  • busses are back in F4 audio connections but not connected and don’t react to any changes. can delete them though


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

thanks martin :blue_heart:

Quick update on this bug for Cubase 12 (pc/win 11):

This still seems to happen. It’s a very rare case and it only happens when an output bus is rerouted with alt-shift-click on a multiple track selection. You shouldn’t do that anyway, but also the routing change shouldn’t apply to tracks that can’t have an output routing. Sometimes it’s quicker to just select everything and reroute, in this case some sanity check seems to fail, if a track is included in the selection which shouldn’t be changed.

Still probably a minor issue.