Multiple outs for anaolgue summing

Deliberating between AXR4 or antelope Audio Orion Synergy core as main interface.
Will be wanting the option to use alot of simultaneous stereo outputs for analogue summing, ie: 6 or more stereo busses sent for analogue summing, then stereo back into DAW via colour boxes for final processing and mastering
Orion is nicely set up for this with 2 x analogue DB25 outputs, carrying 8 stereo channels each.
On the AXR 4 there are only 8 analogue outs, 2 of which I’d already be using for monitors (again, Orion wins at having 2 dedicated switchable monitor outputs before you even consider the other outs)
Is there any solution for this for the AXR4? Would I have to use the ADAT outs to another piece of hardware that then send the multiple stereo outs for analogue summing? I see it has a DB25 connector, but I think thats not for analogue outs, just AES/EBU which I dont have any knowledge of / experience with.
Prefering the sound of AXR 4 audio quality / mic pres and silk, but think Orion winning for routing options in the anaolgue domain. Tough choice! If AXR4 had dedicated monitor outs freeing up all 8 outputs for summing, I’d probably go with AXR4!
Any thoughts from any AXR4 users?

Yeah the lack of dedicated monitor outs is a pain.

I would say that I have a motu interface hooked up via adat for extra i/o and it isn’t a problem. I really like the mixer app on the AXR4 once I got my head round it.

I’m running 500 series plus multiple monitors and a couple of headphone feeds and the AXR4 handles most it.

High end DA/AD convertor work with AES/EBU so you should use those if possible but will be expensive. It’s a high end unit after all :slight_smile:

ADAT will work fine too as long as you’re not working at 88.2/96k as you’ll halve the number of outs, unlike AES.

I have my old UR824 hooked up through the AXR4 now via ADAT, works perfectly.