Multiple Participants?

I’m just starting to dip my feet into the VST Connect waters, and am wondering if it is possible to have multiple participants on a session?

Two other bandmates and I have been collaborating on pre-production demos via VST Transit (we’re all Cubase users), and we want to connect via video so we can all listen to the demos together and discuss parts in real-time. Would VST Connect fit the bill for this?

In the near future we will probably want to use it to record actual takes if this lockdown continues, and it would be ideal to have all 3 of us “in the room” as well.

Not at this time. Here’s a related discussion:

Thanks Steve. I’ll check out the link.

that discussion is about multiple sessions on multiple VST connect instances on the same public IP…that’s not what you are asking

you are asking for 2 performers connected to the same instance of VST connect (?)

that’s definitely not possible and very unlikely to be made possible…

Think of it this way - there is a delay between performer and studio because of the speed of light / internet. That’s fine because Cubase/Nuendo/VSTconn can allow for it with only ONE time critical person (the performer) … it delays the studio feed so it seems like you are ‘in sync’. But if two people try to record at the same time, not even two Performer clients, but somebody in the ‘Studio’ and the performer…then they are not listening to the feed at the same time.

That’s the reason they put in a ‘rehearse mode’ - which tries to minimise the latency…(it’s still there of course!)…proper talkback is WAY out sync when you try to record.

Now add a 2nd remote performer to the the mix …everybody has a delay - nobody can play in sync with each other,

That’s why it’s NOT a jamming tool.

(hope all that makes sense)

Thanks for the explanation of how it works. I was curious about that.

To clarify, I’m not looking to have 2 people record at the same time, nor to rehearse/jam (although I have found a program that claims to do that with minimal latency). I just want to have multiple people “in the room” during one person’s tracking, as well as for listen back and discussion. So being perfectly in synch isn’t necessary.

I actually did find a program that streams high quality audio to multiple people through a plugin inserted on the master bus, and it works quite well. There is about a 1-2 second delay, but that’s fine for listening back. The only real drawback is that we weren’t all able to view the session on our screens (we’re working off a VST Transit session). If Cubase could integrate something like this, it would eliminate the need for a separate Zoom meeting, allow us to all individually view the arrange page, and automatically mute our talkback mics when playback is happening.

VST connect won’t allow multiple “listening” clients at this point …maybe at some time in the future. Also no ‘screen sharing’ - although something like this has been promised

I’m still not sure how screen sharing will work with multiple or odd sized monitors, but let’s wait and see.

Hi Drewcipher,

You mentioned you found a plugin for multiple listeners. What plugin was that? Looking for same use scenario here, only one musician, one tracking on VST connect, and another “in the room”.


It’s called Listento by AudioMovers:

You put the plugin on your master bus and it streams through a collaborator’s browser via a link you send them. Works like a charm, but it’s audio-only. So I suppose you could have the non-VSTconnect person listening through that link and have everyone on a Zoom meeting or something like that.

Addendum: I discovered tonight that if you want a 3rd person to be able to properly listen in on a session, the Listento plugin must be inserted after the VST Connect Cue mix plugin in the control room.

I’m glad you added the multiple listeners functionality to VST Connect Pro, However still hoping for a Single host to multiple performers option. With the rise in work-from-home and hybrid events, being able to host for multiple performers brings a level of collaboration that would corner the market.

I imagine a Host record at a festival front of house that allows for multiple remote locations to add to the performance. OR Capturing and distributing a Stream of multiple performers in the comfort of their homes/studios to a live and/or virtual audiences.

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