Multiple PC audio and video sync

Hi everyone!
I currently own two PCs, one for Audio and one for Video.
Is there a way to link them so that when I press play in a program like Davinci Resolve or Premiere Pro the Cubase timeline also starts. Basically having both programs share the same timeline.
I realise I can export the video and load that into Cubase but as I am also the creator of the video I would like the option to maybe jump from scoring to replacing a scene without the hassle of rendering and exporting another video.
I’m guessing it’s going to involve timecode but I’m a little out of my depth here.
I’m currently running an RME RayDat and Ferrofish A32 on my audio Pc and Davinci resolve or Premiere Pro with GeForde 1070ti on my Video PC.
Any help much appreciated


I would like to know a way to do this as well, @rjbeardsley did you ever figure out how to do this?