Multiple Plugin Bypass Button

Is there a way to bypass an entire row of plugins in the mixer with one button like you can do with some other DAWs? Also there used to be a bypass button at the bottom of each channel that would bypass all plugins in that particular channel. I cannot see that in Cubase Pro 9.5


Yes. Click to the white dot on the left side of the INSERTS name of the MixConsole Rack slot. Or click to the Inserts icon of the Project window’s Inspector. These are “Bypass Inserts” functions.

Thanks. That will bypass all plugins in a channel but I was also hoping they might have added the option to bypass all plugins in a particular slot row (horizontal axis) like some other DAWs have. i.e. Bypass all plugins in the insert slots of row 1. Say you have a console emulation plugin inserted across that entire row and you want to quickly enable and disable all instances of the plugin for comparison purposes.


If the Q-Link (At+Shift+click) doesn’t work here, then I’m sorry, it’s not possible.

As long as it’s the same plugin in the same slot, Q-Link does work for this.

Thanks the Q-Link worked. I did not know about that. I went and read the manual as I couldn’t get Alt+Shift+click to work but I must have been using it wrong. I did it by highlighting the console channels, right clicked, selected Link Channels, clicked the Q-link icon on the toolbar and then clicked bypass on the first plugin. 5 clicks to do what a simple dot would do if they also added one on the right of the insert slots at the end of the console. There is actually a blank space there that would accommodate it perfectly. Feature request :slight_smile: