Multiple plugin windows

Now that the post-processing slot is available in WL 8.5 I’ve been inserting another metering plugin there for additional metering.

Is it possible to have more than one plugin window and still use plugin chains for other inserts like clip, track, and master?

Basically, I want to keep a meter in the post-processing slot off on my 2nd monitor and always be visible, but when I need to use another plugin the post-processing plugin window goes away.

Am I missing something here or can you not have multiple plugin chain windows open at one time?

In the Master Section, you can have only a single chain window.
For a montage, you can have several. There is this little “lock” icon in the caption bar, that “pins” the chain window for a given track or clip.
See also the “Plug-in window handling” dialog, from the montage effect menu.

Thanks, this works perfect for me.

I pressed the lock for the post-processing slot and now the meter in stays visible on the 2nd monitor when I try to edit other plugins chains for the montage on my main monitor.