Multiple problems with timing and menus

Worse version ever. Metronome loses time, does not match up. Plays MIDI data out of time (I went back to v 9.5 to check and it plays fine in that version.
Menes at the top disappears if I try to Save in the save menu it opens the Transport options as a result I am unable to save.

Its ‘clunky’ and to be honest a really really bad upgrade. Don’t waste you money if you are thinking of upgrading - stick with 9.5.

Nothing of all that is happening here.

To me, 10 brings the best Cubase I have ever used, worth every cent I paid for the upgrade from 9.5.
Very stable for a new version, and I guess some minor GUI problems will be be fixed after user feedback.

Lesson Number One regarding how well software performs on one’s computer:
At all times (badly enough) highly dependent of one’s computer hardware and software (mis) configuration/installation.

Good Computer. top spec - i7 etc…

  1. Consider changing the title of your post given that the responses you’ve received have been positive about the programme.
  2. My MacBook Pro 2018 runs better with 10 than it did with 9.5. Your mileage may vary. For me, this is exciting stuff.


Don’t delay, buy cubase 10 today.

I agree, so far so good. Very good update, except for some (minor and solved) installer problems. Must be system related problems !

Properly configured?
No potential hardware/component issues?
Drivers up to date?

The list of ways that a good computer with top specs can misbehave when doing realtime tasks can get pretty long.

Oh and ahhhh, working fine here.

C10 working beautifully here as well. Great update! Very pleased. Been using Cubase since C5.

FANTASTIC update! Working flawlessly for me thus far. :slight_smile:

Further to my earlier post in this theead: Cubase 10 has solved a problem I had with Cubase 9.5 and Mojave not getting along with the Yamaha usb midi driver. Really wxciting upgrade.


Thanks. Doing some room prep work and will be updating soon thereafter.