Multiple "project windows" at large projects

When I have large projects with many tracks, I will throw everything im not working on out of view.
I know there is folders, but what about a option where you can toggle between “project windows”, there you have guitars in one and synths in another? Just as an extra option if you have a large project and want to simplify view as much as possible.

Totally agreeing. With the advent of multiple monitors that would be a killer enhancement. I also have a “second” monitor on the recording rooms and since all modern musicians are more used to DAWs you can say lets start from bar x or can you see that yellow events, lets start from there. And since in cubase 8.5 all is sizeable independente windows I would love to put 2nd timeline and notepad and 2nd video window in that “second” monitor as reference.

Oh that would be great! I’m just stuck now with the fact that workspaces no longer works the way I want, at least you could jump between places en screens with that. That’s gone now. !!! Having multiple windows would kind of solve it.
But rather i’d just have the workspaces back.



Hope to see this in the very near future! Feature has been requested several times, but never added. It exists within Dorico, so there is somewhat of an existing “foundation” to the feature: Opening multiple project windows