Multiple project windows

A group of Nuendo users made this suggestion while working on Nuage large console with 5X24" screens.

Could we have a second (or more) project window ? Just like there are 4 mixers in Nuendo.
The advantage would be to have more tracks visible at once. On large projects, even at minimum vertical size, there’s only a certain limited amount of tracks you can see at once without resorting to collapse folders.

Windows could be linked like mixers or independent.
One project window can be following play head while the other one, untied, can be pushed forward, allowing an editor to adjust cross fades trim parts etc visually ahead of play position.
On short deadline project it could be a time saver.

I was just about to post a feature request for 4 point editing but your suggestion actually takes care of it and is way better.

The primary use for me is when doing sound design and wanting to create different elements from large amounts of source and then comp them together.

On the music front, it’s also a commonly requested feature for editing classical music.

This would be a phenomenal boost to the workflow.

The only addendum I’d have is that I’d like an option to have play/cursor etc. depend on the currently focused window. I understand that your use case would want the opposite so being able to toggle it would be great.

Thanks for posting!


all mixing stages are faced with the problem : display a lot of tracks on 24 inches sceens overall . especially on movies with alot of amb/fx/foley tracks . we often work on projects that contain more than 100 tracks and it is difficult to have a relevant visual feedback for good dialogue between mixer and sound editors . an inconvenient solution is to layer two virtual screens to extend the timeline vertically. we made a script that allows mouse to cross the 2 screens horizontally , but it’s not very practical . This is DIY . able to have several project window would be a huge step forward for mixers, and make very jealous ProTools users ( who increasingly lack the tracks directories )
thanks !