Multiple Punch In and Punch Out Points?

I use Cubase in a theatre where we do live sound, and we have to record Safety Tracks of the dialogue that can be used in the event that their mic would go down in the middle of a scene/song. Our show is run using SMPTE sent from Nuendo to our sound board and Cubase is running as a slave via external sync to the Nuendo project as well on a separate computer. We use the Arranger Track in Nuendo for the SMPTE markers, and when the show reaches a dry spot that is sans SMPTE, it kicks Cubase out of Record Mode. So each time we hit a dry spot, we need to remember to re-enable the record function in Cubase before the next SMPTE block starts. This is extremely difficult to do when some of the SMPTE blocks are only about a second or so apart in the timeframe of the show. It would be FANTASTIC if we could create multiple sets of punch in and out points that would correspond to the SMPTE markers we have, so that every time the Nuendo (and Cubase slave) playhead starts up again when a new SMPTE block is triggered, it would re-enable record mode automatically without us having to try and constantly monitor the backup computer to record these safety tracks within the context of an ongoing show.
Or if there is already an existing feature that can accomplish this task, I would be grateful if someone could point me to it!


suggestion: Use cycle markers as punch-in/out by toggling a button (either for whole marker track or in the info line for a specific cycle marker)

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll look into it and see what I find out.