Multiple Rehearsal Marks in Score


I usually work with very large format orchestra and band scores - the end product being 11x17 portrait orientation score.

I have found that conductors like to have at each rehearsal mark one on the top of the score, another in the middle (around trumpet 1), and one near the last few staves at the bottom (around the timp) - just so they don’t have to hunt for them in rehearsal.

Is there a way for these to appear in the score? Thanks.

Yes - rehearsal marks appear at all the positions system objects are set to appear at. I’m not sure if what you meant was can you show rehearsal marks at their own positions, independently of e.g. tempo marks, which I don’t think is possible without workarounds.

Brilliant! Lillie you are a godsend. I haven’t checked parts yet but it works in the score great.