Multiple repeat marker jumps

I’ve been trying to enter the following repeat marker(s) with custom text without much luck:

1st time: to Coda 1 (single coda symbol)
2nd time: to Coda 2 (double coda symbol)

As I understand it, word wrap is not available for repeat marker jumps, so you need to enter this as two separate repeat markers, however, it doesn’t seem possible to enter multiple repeat marker jumps on the same beat of a measure. Is this possible somehow, or do I have to resort to text and disregard correct playback at the moment?

The ability of the repeat popover to recognise modifiers such as 1st time and 2nd time, combined with word wrap for repeat marker jumps, would make these kinds of markers very easy to deal with, but multiple markers in the same place would go a long way.

You cannot create two repeat markers at the same rhythmic position, and I can’t think of any way in which you could therefore get accurate playback. You will indeed need to use Shift+Alt+X system text for this at present.

OK, thanks, Daniel.

I find myself here in search of the same thing or something similar. Perhaps a consideration for the future.

I am working on a piece that has a D.S al D.S.S (double Segno) then at the end of the D.S.S., ‘To Coda’.

  • The piece pays through letter D, at the end Letter D you repeat back to Letter C and Play Letter C to the end of Letter D 2 times (D.S. back to C, play 2 times), D.S.S. to Letter A and play to the end of Letter B, then jump ‘To Coda’. Letter B has 1st and second ending and and Letter C has a repeat, so repeat bars don’t really help me here.

I understand this type of roadmap is highly unconventional, but a lot of jazz/jazz fusion charts use these types of markings.