Multiple Rulers in a project window

it would be very useful if there could be BOTH a time ruler AND a beats and bars ruler in the same project.

i own Pro Tools but don’t use it because Cubase is better for me. i have noticed since i purchased Pro Tools that Avid is usually catching up to Steinberg on its premiere DAW (such as offline bouncing or an iPad app to control the software)

but multiple rulers is one feature that Pro Tools has that i wish Cubase had. i work with many different kinds of projects. sometimes to a click track and sometimes not, so i am always having to switch between these rulers.


You can create as many Ruler Tracks as you wish, and set them independently for eithr Beats or Time etc.
The only thing it is really missing is independent offsets.
Admittedly… only available in t he Project window :wink:.

Yes , having an independent ruler for each event is essential for working with arranger track. It is really strange that there is none. It could be done the same way as in Wavelab so we don’t have to build up a mess of additional track stack.