Multiple Same Instruments in playback templates

Hi, I wasn’t sure what the best way to do this with Dorico 3…An example of my problem is that I have 2 endpoint configurations, one for violin 1 and one for violin 2, they have different VST instruments and expression maps and I want to put them into the same playback template. As far as I can tell, the playback template only seems to reference the instrument “violin” (e.g. “assigned instruments” in the endpoint setup) and can’t really distinguish between a 1st and 2nd part. At least I could not figure out how to enable this, maybe I’m missing something. If not, I imagine others have come across this and there’s probably a good workaround.

You’re right that at the moment there is no way of specifying the ordinal as part of your playback template; this is something that we plan to address. In the meantime you should hopefully find that it is only a small inconvenience to have to manually assign the endpoint for one of your two violins in the projects in which you use your playback template.

Thanks Daniel. Yes its not that much trouble to manually set up the 2nd one, but I was wondering if there Is also a way to load endpoint configurations outside of the playback templates. That way I can at least save the VST setup/expression map together. I couldn’t find a “load endpoint configuration” in the manual.

No, you can’t load endpoint configurations except by including them in a playback template.

Depending on what VST you’re using, the VST itself may have the ability to save its own endpoints. For instance, I save and load the ARIA Player ensemble and setup for each project.