multiple selections for barlines

One very handy new feature demonstrated in the videos (by the way, very helpful, especially while the manual is not truly exhaustive) is multiple selection - the ability to select particular element - a slur, bowing, etc. - and apply it to multiple places/notes.
One element - bar lines - appear to be not included.
Daniel, is it by design? If it is, could you share the reason?
Igor Borodin

Apparently, it was an instance of non-responding interface, which - I believe - has been already reported.
Yet, now double bar line shows another peculiar behavior: if I click the last bar line in the stave to turn it into double line, the double bar line splits the measure moving the split portion to the next stave. It happens only with very last bar line in the stave(s).
Restarting Dorico does not change that behavior.
To make sure that it’s not the project I’ve been working on, I made a quick test dummy project.
Here’s the video showing the behavior:
Oh, I see: ‘mp4’ is not supported.

It’s counter-intuitive, but to create a special barline at the end of one system, click right at the start of the next system (even on top of the clef will do).

Thank you, Daniel.
Look forward to updated exhaustive manual, where such hidden peculiarities could be found.